Golf Clinic

Improve your golf swing and golf performance no matter what your handicap

The Golf Clinic at Head2Toe Physio, is run by Sam Bowden, an experienced physiotherapist specifically trained in performance issues and the treatment of golf specific injuries. He has trained with the English Golf Union, as well as leading golf biomechanists from Australia and the U.S.A. His clients include golf beginners, local club level golfers, local golf pros, and junior national level golfers.

Golf professionals at the national level and increasingly at local level have been working in conjunction with physios to improve the fitness and performance of their players. At Head2Toe Physio Dorking and Leatherhead, we have a good relationship with many local golf professionals, some of whom have attended the clinic themselves!

After highlighting a problem in a golfers swing pattern, the golf pro will address the situation with a series of drills and practice techniques.

But what happens if the problem remains persistent despite the best efforts of the golf pro and player? What if the player is unable to adopt the posture or gain the body position advised by the golf pro and more importantly why can’t the player do it?

If these problems remain consistent despite the player and golf professional’s best effort, they are often referred to us for ‘musculoskeletal profiling’.

Musculoskeletal profiling is the analysis of a golfer’s flexibility, stability and strength. Profiling as well as the assessment of sporting injuries is best carried out in the Clinic. In many cases the player may simply lack the necessary flexibility, strength or co-ordination, all factors which can be improved quickly and simply with the correct rehab program.