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Our frequently asked questions about Swim Screening?

What are common swimming-related injuries?2024-03-11T15:38:12+00:00

Common injuries include swimmer’s shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, overuse injuries (such as tendinitis), and lower back issues.

How can I prevent shoulder injuries associated with swimming?2024-03-11T15:38:46+00:00

Proper warm-up, strength training for shoulder stability, maintaining good swimming technique, and incorporating rest days into your training routine can help prevent shoulder injuries.

What is swimmer’s shoulder, and how is it treated?2024-03-11T15:39:23+00:00

Swimmer’s shoulder is a common overuse injury characterized by inflammation of the shoulder tendons. Treatment may involve rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and modifying swim technique.

What is a Swim Screening and how can it help me?2024-03-25T10:50:13+00:00

Our approach begins with an examination of your training history and current training loads over the previous months to address acute vs chronic training loads. From here we will perform a full clinical assessment looking at joint mobility, range of motion, strength, power and the efficiency of your mechanics.

We will review this data to determine any imbalances, whether it is joint or muscular, that can lead to overcompensations, which can affect performance through poor movement patterns, or contribute to an injury.

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