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What some of our patients had to say?

David B

Sam is a highly knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist with a very open and approachable manner. He is top of his game and someone you can rely on implicitly.

David B

Steve P

I’d never thought of seeing a Physio before, but after struggling to implement some golf swing changes, my partner booked me a golf screening session at Head2Toe. Sam looked at the videos and notes sent by my golf coach. He then took me through a simple but comprehensive set of flexibility and strength tests in clinic. I honestly had no idea I was so limited in shoulder range and had such a strength difference between left and right side. It certainly helped explain what some of my issues had been. A real eye-opener, and would thoroughly recommend to anyone trying to improve their game!

Steve P

Our frequently asked questions about our Golf Physiotherapy Clinic?

What is acupuncture, and how does it work?2024-03-19T22:32:37+00:00

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. It is believed to balance the flow of energy (qi) to promote healing and alleviate pain.

When should a woman consider seeking Women’s Health Physiotherapy?2024-03-19T22:32:24+00:00

Women may benefit from Women’s Health Physiotherapy at various life stages, such as during pregnancy, postpartum recovery, menopause, or when experiencing pelvic floor issues, pain, or incontinence.

Who can benefit from Golf Physiotherapy at our clinic?2024-03-11T16:43:49+00:00

Golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professional players, can benefit from our Golf Physiotherapy services. We tailor our programs to address individual needs, whether it’s injury prevention, rehabilitation, or performance enhancement.

Can Golf Physiotherapy help improve my golf swing?2024-03-11T16:44:28+00:00

Absolutely. Our physiotherapists use specialized assessments and exercises to improve your body’s mobility, strength, and overall function, which can positively impact your golf swing and performance on the course.

What is Golf Physiotherapy, and how can it benefit golfers?2024-03-21T15:57:50+00:00

Golf Physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy designed to address the unique physical demands of golf. It focuses on enhancing flexibility, strength, and biomechanics to improve golf performance and prevent injuries.

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