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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, safe and non-invasive complementary therapy suitable for the whole family throughout every stage of life. It can help reduce stress levels and help restore the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

It works on the belief that reflex points on the feet and hands are linked to all the organs, bodily systems and skeletal structure of the body. These reflex points are stimulated or sedated by applying pressure to the points on the feet or hands in order to promote relaxation and feeling of well being.

As an Advanced Reflexologist, Amanda, works holistically with her clients and aims to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health for her clients.

Potential benefits of reflexology are:

  • feelings of deep relaxation
  • improves mood
  • increased energy levels
  • the release of endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones
  • improved circulation
  • more efficient removal of impurities and toxins
  • aids sleep
  • helps relieve tension
  • a sense that the whole body is in better balance

Reflexology can help treatment people with the following conditions:

  • stress & anxiety
  • stress related illnesses
  • neck & shoulder tension
  • back pain
  • pain relief
  • fibromyalgia
  • ME & chronic fatigue syndrome
  • asthma
  • digestive disorders, IBS & constipation
  • headaches / migraines
  • sinus problems
  • insomnia
  • hormonal imbalances
  • menopause symptoms
  • pre-menstrual symptoms

What is Clinical Reflexology?

Amanda is an experienced Reflexologist and has taken additional training in Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) such as Nerve Reflexology and Vertical Reflexology Techniques. Amanda uses her Reflexology training and experience along with clinical reasoning to tailor your Reflexology treatment to you specific needs.

What is Nerve Reflexology?

Nerve reflexology works on reflexes for the nervous system on the bones of the feet and is particularly effective in treating conditions that are caused, or influenced by, the nervous system. It was developed by the very experienced Belgian physiotherapist Nico Pauly for those patients whose pain symptoms did not respond completely to physiotherapy.

Nerve Reflexology can provide help in acute and chronic pain states including: migraine and other headaches, low back and neck pain, other complaints in the musculoskeletal system, fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue, neuralgia, etc.

It puts together the entire pain analysis picture:

Peripheral Nervous System

  • Musculoskeletal soft tissue
  • Skeletal parts

Autonomic nervous system

  • Sympathetic
  • Parasympathetic
  • Hormones
  • Viscera
  • Organs

Central Nervous System

  • Brain
  • Brain stem
  • Spinal cord

Psycho-emotional aspect

  • Stress, anxiety, fear
  • Other

It is believed to work deep into the nervous system to restore co-ordination within the nervous system for the relief from acute and chronic pain.

Nerve Reflexology does not cure! It helps restore or recover dysfunctions in the movement, organ and nervous system. Dysfunction is here to be understood as an ‘impairment’. This is in contrast to ‘disease’ involving serious changes in tissues and whose treatment is the exclusive domain of medical doctors. Diseases can also entail a lot of dysfunctions. In collaboration with your medical doctor Nerve Reflexology could offer extra help.

To obtain the best results treatments are best received weekly or fortnightly, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Each treatment lasts one hour.

How is it different from Classical Reflexology?

The pressure is given with the side of the top of the thumb to small parts on the bones of the foot.

If the corresponding nerve is overloaded, the nerve reflex point will be painful. The Reflexologist holds the point, without moving until the pain decreases.

The nerve reflex points can be combined with classical Reflexology. The nerve reflex points are treated first and then the structure and systems are treated with classical Reflexology.

How many Reflexology treatments will I need?

As a general rule, for maximum benefit, Amanda recommends a course of 6 treatments, ideally on a weekly basis. This will be discussed during your initial treatment and will depend upon how long you have had the problem, and if there are any other health issues. Amanda will work with you to determine your response to the Reflexology and tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. After the initial course of treatment a fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly maintenance program may be recommended to maintain the improvements to your health.

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