What is a Running Clinic?

We provide Running Gait Analysis at all 3 Head2Toe Physio clinics. Our running clinic specialises in comprehensive evaluations of running specific injuries or performance issues. Our physios are specially trained in treating injuries, whatever your level, whether you’re an ultra-marathon runner or a beginner looking at their first 5k, there is always something we can do to help!

What Could the Running Clinic Help?

Our Physios will find out all about your running. We need to know distances covered, how many days a week and what terrain you run on. Evaluation of your running style and training loads, can help with both Performance and Injuries. We can help you with all common running injuries and complaints:

What Do We Look At in the Running Clinic?

Our approach begins with an examination of your training history and current training loads over the previous months to address acute vs chronic training loads. From here we will look at gait analysis and a full clinical assessment to help find any issues and investigate any painful areas.

A treadmill-based running gait assessment using a specialist app will form the core of our evaluation along with an experienced physiotherapist performing muscle and joint movement, strength and length tests to identify any muscle imbalances, weaknesses or poor functional movement patterns.


What Does the Running Clinic Give Me?

Head2Toe goes beyond just diagnostics. We aim to empower you,  on training loads, with information and just how your body is or could be working. Where appropriate, we give running technique recommendations and cues, to try and help your running efficiency.

In addition, we use the data from your running analysis, and aim to see you leave our clinics with a structured, highly personalised exercise programme. We want to help build strength and resilience, improve performance and keep you running injury free.