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Our frequently asked questions about Running Clinic?

Is there a running assessment clinic near me?2024-03-19T11:53:49+00:00

We have running assessment and gait analysis at all 3 of our clinics, in Dorking, Leatherhead and Crawley.

How can I book an appointment at the running clinic?2024-03-19T12:22:31+00:00

You can book an appointment using our online booking system, filling out an online booking request form, or calling us on 01306 876072 / 01293 535884.

What is gait analysis, and why is it important for runners?2024-03-19T12:16:29+00:00

Jogging and running are becoming increasingly popular. It appeals to people of all ages and fitness levels due to its simplicity, accessibility, and numerous health benefits. Participation in running events, such as marathons, half-marathons, and 5K races, continues to grow globally, reflecting its widespread popularity. Additionally, the emergence of social running groups, online communities, and wearable fitness technology has further contributed to the popularity of running as a recreational and competitive pursuit.

Or running clinic gait analysis, is a biomechanical assessment of how you walk, jog or run. It helps identify any abnormalities or imbalances that may contribute to injuries. It’s crucial for optimizing running form and preventing injuries.

How does the Running Clinic help and what do you look at?2024-03-25T10:46:23+00:00

We examine your training history and training loads, perform a running relevant clinical assessment and look at gait analysis on a treadmill.

We’ll offer advice and guidance on how your body is or isn’t working efficiently, running recommendations and cues, plus a bespoke exercise program designed to build your strength and resilience where it’s required.

Our aim is to improve your performance and keep you running injury free!

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