Danielle Swan – Why our newest physio is loving her move to Head2Toe, Dorking

Danielle grew up in Sutton. She loved gymnastics and dance at her local sports centre.  By the age of 15, she had begun teaching and coaching younger groups and enjoying seeing them advance and improve their technique.  As a regular visitor to the Sports Centre, she became quite well known to all the staff and landed herself a part time job working on the physio reception desk.  Alongside her A levels in Biology, Health Care and Maths, the next couple of years were spent absorbing knowledge and experience of all the patient’s aches, pains and injuries that would come into the clinic.  Some included the injuries of the youngsters Danielle had been teaching and this further caught her interest.

Danielle Never Stops Learning

She knew as a teenager that she wanted to go to University to study Physiotherapy.  In 2017 Danielle Graduated from Brunel with flying colours and continued to study – in fact Danielle has never stopped learning, studying and improving herself! She then went on to study Acupuncture and is now a member of the Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists. (Read more about acupuncture here) Danielle is passionate about physiotherapy and believes it’s her vocation – there is always so much more to learn.

Gaining Experience

Danielle spent several years at Kingston Hospital mainly seeing patients with musculoskeletal problems, in clinic and on the orthopaedic wards.  It was here that she learnt from a great team of experienced physios that a holistic approach to helping patients is always the best route.  Danielle is a physio with a whole range of treatment options, from manual therapy, acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

Danielle especially enjoyed her time on paediatrics, this being a passion she would love to continue and rooted in her years of coaching young people gym and dance.  She gets great satisfaction from helping youngsters (and adults alike) improve and optimise their movement in any sport they enjoy.

In 2020 when Covid hit Danielle found herself gowned up in hospital ITU wards caring for respiratory patients.  She’s quite proud that she was the one showing others who had been qualified much longer than her what and how to do things!

Next Move Head2Toe, Dorking

Moving on a year Danielle made the decision to leave the NHS.  It was time to take on some private practice experience to expand her MSK and orthopaedic expertise.  In Sept 2021, joined Head2Toe, Dorking.

Coupled with a move to Dorking with her partner and the addition of a dachshund dog, she feels very settled in the Surrey Hills.  She continues to challenge herself with new styles of dance and movement classes (ask her about her latest classes next time you see her!)

Danielle refers to her patients with great passion: ‘Its just great to help and support those who want to keep active in this beautiful part of the world.  Its such a great place for people who love walking, cycling and running.  People who really want to get better at what they love doing and are being held back by some niggling injury or more serious strain’

Head2Toe has been the best move for Danielle

Danielle loves her patients, the clinic setting in the sports centre and working with a supportive and dedicated team of experienced physios.  Danielle has reached a great work-life balance.  She starts and finishes her clinics at times to suit her and her patients; creating time to walk her dog, helps out with her partner’s business as well as making it to the dance classes she enjoys most!

During March Danielle is increasing her clinic days and hours to see more patients.  Danielle has experience in dealing with a whole range of conditions, injuries and pain management and has a special interest in shoulders and knees!  As well as being an experienced physio, she offers acupuncture and therapeutic and sports massage to compliment her physio assessments and treatment.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Danielle or just ask her advice – head to our website, www.head2toephysio.co.uk

To book online or get in touch – 01306 876072 or email admin@head2toephysio.co.uk