International Taekwondo event – Team Gold and Individual Bronze at

A huge well done to Adrian Groome who got team Gold and an individual Bronze at the British Taekwondo International Championships.

We have been privileged to work with this excellent committed young athlete through a very difficult last 6 months. Diagnosed with a nerve impingement and hip infection, he thought he would not be able to train let alone compete. With a great deal of hard work he managed to get himself to the Championships and achieve some wonderful performances. We only wonder what he could achieve if he had been able to train throughout the last 6 months!

To top it all off, Adrian has just found out he has been selected for the elite squad!

Adrian is looking for sponsorship to help with travel costs while representing Great Britain in International Taekwondo events.

If anyone would like to help this talented young man, please contact us by clicking this link and we will put you in touch.