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Taekwondo Gold and Bronze for Adrian Groome

Adrian Groome Taekwondo

International Taekwondo event – Team Gold and Individual Bronze at

A huge well done to Adrian Groome who got team Gold and an individual Bronze at the British Taekwondo International Championships.

We have been privileged to work with this excellent committed young athlete through a very difficult last 6 months. Diagnosed with a nerve impingement and hip infection, he thought he would not be able to train let alone compete. With a great deal of hard work he managed to get himself to the Championships and achieve some wonderful performances. We only wonder what he could achieve if he had been able to train throughout the last 6 months!

To top it all off, Adrian has just found out he has been selected for the elite squad!

Adrian is looking for sponsorship to help with travel costs while representing Great Britain in International Taekwondo events.

If anyone would like to help this talented young man, please contact us by clicking this link and we will put you in touch.

Hypnotherapy at Crawley Head2Toe

Crawley Hypnotherapy

Relaxation through hypnotherapy

Did you know that we offer hypnotherapy at Head2Toe in Crawley? Not just for stopping smoking, losing weight or overcoming a fear.

Hypnotherapy has amazing potential which, in the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed first hand as a therapist, both as a Sports Therapist and later as a Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy gives you back the confidence you need to be the best that you can be.

Here are some of the ways hypnotherapy can help.


The most important thing I help you learn is a specific kind of relaxation. A focused relaxation. Turning off that constant voice in your head that creates internal arguments, the one that says things like ‘I can’t do that, I’m not good enough’. With tension comes tense muscles. Imagine how great it would feel to relax enough to allow your muscles to let go too.

I see CEOs who use my hypnotherapy sessions to reduce negative stress, allowing them to become focused and more effective in their job. Regularly gaining further promotions too. Another of my clients has just got to the finals of a national dance competition. She wanted more focus in her movements. A better edge to her dance.


How can hypnotherapy help with lack of confidence or self esteem? The subconscious mind does not distinguish between reality and creating a mental story. Once a client is relaxed I ask them to create a positive image around their confidence issues. This may be asking them to imagine the scene whilst relaxed or another method.

I had a client a few years ago who was so shy I could barely hear him on the phone. Three sessions later this young guy, who initially was too worried to leave the house, contacted me to tell me he’d be using his new found skills and had been on train journeys and talking confidently to all kinds of people.

I was also an extremely shy person and used hypnotherapy to overcome this. Now I stand on a stage and talk to people for two hours with confidence.


People describe it to me as that feeling that can creeps up from nowhere but makes the world feel like it’s closing in around you.

Their heart races, they just can’t catch their breath. Some have even described it as like standing and staring a lion in the face in a room with four walls and no door.

I teach them the amazing and most powerful tool that they already posses, their own breath. Think of it like standing at the door with a bunch of keys wondering which one will work. Without realising that it wasn’t even locked in the first place.

These are just a few of the incredible conditions I get to work with. If you’re wondering if hypnotherapy could help you. Just ask me, I don’t bite I promise.

Becky Wells


Physiotherapy blog goes economic-2008-2009 pay award for physios

I’ve heard rumblings that the pay award for NHS physiotherapists will be set over 3 years and below 3% for this time. I cannot understand why the health unions are so willing to accept anything that seems to be offerered. I’m bothered by the fact that 3 years seems a long time in financial terms and there’s a lot of chance for fuel and housing prices to go up by large amounts when many NHS workers will be in effect on fixed incomes. The proposals I saw (or were they the final agreement?) said that there had been some negotiations about reducing working hours, somewhat ironic since Agenda for Change has only just increased them. I don’t know how the negotiators or government expect us all to react at the prospect that in real terms we will be accepting a pay cut as we see our income reduced by above inflation rises in council tax, utility bills and energy costs. We still have to live with the concept that inflationremains less than 5%, something which increasingly seems like an figment of the politicians’ imagination. The reality is that those things on which we spend the biggest amount of our incomes go up by amounts much larger than so called inflation. Result? The negotiated impovement in NHS salaries acheved by Agenda for Change will over the coming years be clawed back though setting wage settlements below the rate of inflation.