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Valentines Day Massage Vouchers at Head2Toe

Valentines Massage voucher

Valentines Day massage Vouchers now available from Head2Toe

Looking for a Valentines present idea this year? Why not get a massage voucher for your loved one. Massages can be a relaxing and pampering Swedish massage or a more deep tissue Sports massage.

We can offer massage vouchers for all our clinics – Crawley, Leatherhead and Dorking – just let us know which clinic you want to use your voucher at.

Please contact reception on 01293535884 / 01306876072 or email

Knee Injuries in Skiing

Knee Injuries in Skiing

Knee injuries in skiing are common. The popularity of skiing has exploded over the last 20 years mainly due to increased ski areas, use of snow cannons, cheaper flights and faster ski lifts.

With increased accessibility and increased numbers of recreational skiers, the number of skiing injuries have gone up markedly.

The most common skiing injuries are lower limb injuries including leg fracture , ankle injury and knee injury. The development of the rigid ski boot in the 1970’s is reported to have shifted injuries up the leg from the ankle to the knee, however; since ski boots, ski bindings and the shape of skis have all changed its not easy to pin point why we see so many more knee injuries in clinic but we do!

In a 2015 study1 comparing injury types and rates between 1996 and 2013, knee injuries were shown to be the most common, head injuries reduced (possibly but not definitely because of the uptake of helmet use) and skiing in the afternoon when tired (and possibly after a drink) increased your chance of getting injured.

Another study2 showed that about 75% of skiers/snowboarders injured themselves falling or losing control on a jump whilst only 3-8% of those injured did so due to collision with other skiers or snowboarders.

What both studies seem to suggest is that many injuries are preventable!

What are the most common Knee Injuries in skiing and how do we injure them?

Knee injuries in skiing contribute about 30% of all skiing injuries, with the Medial Collateral ligament (MCL), closely and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) being the most commonly injured structures in the knee.

The three most common ways of injuring the knee are:

  1. Valgus/external rotation mechanism
    1. The skier falls forward and catches their inside edge, which causes the ski to twist out and move away from the skiers body twisting the knee, injuring the MCL and sometimes ACL.
  2. Boot induced anterior drawer mechanism
    1. The skier lands a jump with locked knees and lands the back of the ski first. The boot then pushes forward on the calf injuring the ACL.
  3. Phantom-foot mechanism
    1. The skier falls backwards between their skis, with all the weight on their downhill ski. The bent knee then twists in hard with all their body weight causing injury to  the MCL and ACL.

Can you get fit for skiing?

Yes you can get fit for skiing…….but…….that’s not the same as saying you can reduce your chance of injury by getting fitter or doing certain types of exercises. It’s complicated.

The evidence that certain exercise programs or certain leg and core conditioning classes reduce your chance of injury just isn’t there. It doesn’t mean doing the right exercises won’t reduce injuries but we just can’t say so for sure. The studies either haven’t been done or the ones that have weren’t good enough to tell us much of use.

I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t bother, in fact I’m saying the opposite, you should. It makes a great deal of sense to me that the fitter you are the lower your chances of injuring yourself due to muscle fatigue. I feel from personal experience that my time and performance on the slopes was improved when I’ve been fitter going into the ski holiday. Being well-prepared will help you get in more runs with less fatigue and will probably leave you better prepared for the rare emergency requiring strength or endurance.

How to reduce Ski Knee Injury

I’ll describe in another blog post what I would recommend doing to try and get your body ski ready, but before I deal with that there are some things we do know will reduce your chance of injury:

  1. Ski within your limits (get lessons)
  2. Be aware of different conditions (this takes some experience)
  3. Use the correct gear (your bindings should be set correctly as the majority of knee injuries occur when bindings do not release the ski)
  4. Listen to your body (fatigue, light headed etc)
  5. Fall correctly (keep knees flexed and don’t stand up in the fall or in a slide)

Before you all roll your eyes and think how obvious these points are, you should consider that ignoring them is still (unsurprisingly) the quickest and most common way to get yourself injured. It doesn’t matter how many ski sits and balance exercises you do, or how good your core is, IGNORE THESE POINTS AT YOUR PERIL!

If you or anyone you know is suffering from knee pain and would like to have a physiotherapy assessment for suitability of physiotherapy treatment, contact us here.

  1. Patrick E et al, Changes in Skiing and Snowboarding Injury Epidemiology and Attitudes to Safety in Big Sky, Montana, USA, A Comparison of 2 Cross-sectional Studies in 1996 and 2013, Orthop J Sports Med. 2015 Jun; 3(6): 2325967115588280
  2. Stenroos A, Handolin L: Incidence of recreational alpine skiing and snowboarding injuries: Six years experience in the largest ski resort in Finland. Scand J Surg 2014;0:1-5.
  3. Koehle, M et al, Alpine ski injuries and their prevention, Sports Medicine 2002, 32, 12, 785-793.

Merry Christmas from Head2Toe Physio

Merry Christmas from Head2Toe Physio

We wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, New Year.

The clinics will be remaining open except on the 25th,26th December and 1st January. Except for these dates we will have staff in but running a reduced service until the New Year. If you are in need of an appointment please feel free to give us a call or send an email. Please leave a voicemail if no one is able to pick up immediately.

Christmas Massage Vouchers at Head2Toe Physio

Christmas Massage Vouchers Head2toe

Massage Vouchers now available at Head2Toe Physio Clinics

Stuck for a Christmas present idea this year? Why not get a massage voucher for your loved one. Massages can be a relaxing and pampering Swedish massage or a more deep tissue Sports massage.

We can offer massage vouchers for all our clinics – Crawley, Leatherhead and Dorking – just let us know which clinic you want to use your voucher at.

Please contact reception on 01293535884 / 01306876072 or email


New Head2Toe Crawley Reception Vacancy

Gleneagles Court Crawley

New Head2Toe Crawley Reception Vacancy

Part Time Receptionist/Admin support staff required at our Crawley branch of Head2Toe

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY day times. Hours negotiable; (roughly 9AM-5PM)


Must be friendly, polite and have basic knowledge of word and outlook.

For further info, or to apply, send your CV and a covering email to:

Crawley Pilates Classes at Head2Toe Physio

Crawley Pilates

Crawley Pilates Classes at Head2Toe Physio Crawley

Crawley Pilates Classes at Head2Toe Physio are pleased to welcome Dawn Fazackerley-King  – (DFK Coaching) to the clinic. Dawn offers group Pilates sessions in Crawley as well as 1:1 and 1:2 sessions (available on request).


It is never too early or late to start looking after your mind and body. Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Complete beginners are welcome.



Weekly sessions include Wednesday 6pm complete beginners and Wednesday 7pm Pilates for horse riders (mixed ability). Other sessions by arrangement. 


What is Pilates?


The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. His work with sick and injured detainees led him to believe that bad posture, inefficient breathing and modern lifestyle all contributed to poor health. He devised a series of exercises which acknowledged the link between physical and mental well being. They emphasized slow, controlled movements which aimed to improve core strength, flexibility and posture, whilst strengthening and lengthening muscles.


What does Pilates Help?


Pilates at Head2Toe Physio Crawley is thought to improve:


  • Posture
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Muscle Strength
  • Core Strength
  • Improve Well-Being
  • Lower stress


Equine specific Pilates sessions


There are four main areas of focus in the Pilates for Horse Riders Course.


1. Improving posture by stretching and strengthening the shoulder girdle.

2. Improving the flexibility of the hips and lumbar spine to deepen your seat and allow you to drive impulsion from your seat without having to rely on artificial aids.

3. Strengthening the core to allow to hold yourself in a more upright position.

4. Improving your ‘dynamic balance’ required for riding through the combination of all of the above.



Pilates is also well known for preventing and rehabilitating injuries so should form part of any riders fitness program regardless of whether you enjoy hacking out or are a keen competition rider. 


Pilates courses are competitively priced at £48 per 6 weeks.


Please see for more information and to book, or call Dawn directly on 07899 716920. 

Sports Massage Therapist Needed at Head2Toe Physio Leatherhead

Sports massage Leatherhead



Head2Toe Physio have a lovely bright air conditioned room at Leatherhead Leisure Centre and are looking for a motivated therapist with excellent soft tissues skills who wishes to develop their own practice.

We offer a good referral system and the Leisure Centre is a busy thriving centre with good opportunity to build your business.


Location:                  Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Guildford Rd, Fetcham, Leatherhead KT22 9BL


Contract type:           Room rental/hourly rate

Hours required:        Part time – weekdays, evening, weekend available

Remuneration:         Room rental or per hour to be agreed.

Qualifications:          A minimum of level 4 is required ideally with 1 years post qualification                                                   experience.

Application:              Please reply by email with a covering letter or a CV to


New Head2Toe Physio Admin Job Vacancy

Head2Toe Physio admin Job Vacancy

Head2Toe Physio Admin Job Vacancy

Chartered Physiotherapists require 7-12 hours per week admin/reception support at our Dorking Clinic (Ideally Tuesday/Thursday).

Our ideal candidate should be enthusiastic, polite and with a professional manner.
Duties will include filtering phone calls and emails, booking patients, updating physio diaries, liaising with insurance companies, data input, copying and scanning, filing, assisting with marketing and much more!

Skills required include good people skills, polite telephone manner, friendly and presentable, good data entry skills, knowledge of word and outlook.

Please send us a covering letter and CV; noting key skills and experience, as well as why you want to join our team to Tel: 07796364370.

Xmas Voucher Ideas – Hypnotherapy at Head2Toe Crawley

Hypnotherapy Voucher

Gift Vouchers

Looking to treat a loved one? I have just released a range of Hypnotherapy Gift Vouchers for a variety of different outcomes. If you are looking for the ultimate gift to help someone change their lives forever then contact me to purchase one of the following…


Hypnotherapy Relaxation Session

Ideal for those who live life in the fast lane. A one off session that leaves you feeling relaxed, calm and rejuvenated. Packed with messages to inspire creativity and build confidence…

  • Switch off your primitive mind
  • Empty your stress bucket to meet challenges with calmness
  • Price – £60
  • Number of Sessions – 1


Hypnotherapy Treatment Session

For those looking for long term change, hypnotherapy is an effective process that uses cutting edge solution focused techniques based upon current neuro-scientific research.

  • Focuses on your potential future, not the problems of your past –
  • One of the few therapies that dares to measure results
  • An amazing array of applications (see here for details)
  • Price – £60 per session

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

One of the most effective methods of giving up. Often clients report little or no cravings.

  • One of the few therapies that deals with the root triggers
  • Long term results without the long term process
  • Most smokers are back in profit within a fortnight
  • Price £150
  • Number of Sessions – 1 x 2 hour

Phobia Hypnotherapy Course

Rid yourself of that problematic, irrational fear and move forwards with confidence. Whether you have a fear of flying, spiders or needles, results can be highly effective and long lasting.

  • High success rates and, for many, life-changing results.
  • A relaxing way to deal with a phobia without coming into contact with it
  • Price – £180
  • Number of Sessions – 4

Anxiety Reduction Hypnotherapy Course

For those who suffer with stress and anxiety, lack of confidence or self esteem then this life-changing course can overhaul your outlook and help you cope so much more calmly. Any goal is achievable with absolute positive focus.

  • Retrain your brain to approach life with clarity and calmness
  • Help dramatically reduce anxiety, anger and depression
  • Learn how to set targets and achieve them
  • Price – £450, Number of Sessions – 9

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

The ultimate weight loss program that helps change what you eat, the amount you eat and builds long term health and vitality.

  • 80% success rates (better than the actual gastric band!)
  • Sustainable weight loss minimising excess skin issues
  • An average of six times cheaper that Gastric Band Surgery
  • Course Cost – £450
  • Number of Sessions – 8


To purchase a Gift Voucher, contact Paul Milham on 07780 843817 or via his contact form here