Why Physio Telephone/Video Appointments?

We know the reason many of you want to come and see us is because you get expert assessment and treatment. This often includes hands-on treatment. However, in these fast-changing times, it’s become clear that there are sections of our community who are being asked to self-isolate and avoid non-essential contact with others.Telephone or web based appointments could be a great solution!

The Government advise that this is particularly important for those over 70 years old, those with underlying health conditions and pregnant women.

We have received calls from very concerned patients who have referrals to see us from their GP’s or consultants. They have phoned to ask how they can be expected to attend, when they fall into one of the at-risk categories.

How does it work?

Where there is no better option, we have now started carrying out telephone or video appointments and follow up appointments. We are still able to collect a number of subjective and physical measurements. This allows us to make a diagnosis, formulate a treatment plan and give you good advice.

After your assessment we can give appropriate advice and the rehabilitation exercises you need to get better. Exercises will be sent with pictures and videos to help you get them right.

If Physiotherapy management is not appropriate, we are able to write referral letters to GP’s and consultants.

Initial assessment price – £40

Follow up / review price – £30

To request a call back from a Physiotherapist:

Call us – 01306 876072 or 01293 535884

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