Getting involved in gymnastics from a young age can be great for children’s muscle strength, flexibility and development. Due to the nature of gymnastics skills and movements, strength and conditioning is one of the most important aspects in reducing risk of injury. Here are some fun examples of gymnastics-related strengthening for little gymnasts:

Caterpillar walks

great for little gymnasts core strength and muscle flexibility!

Wall slides

helps to prevent little gymnasts shoulder injuries and improve shoulder stability by building strength in the small shoulder muscles!

Dish rocks

a fun way to build little gymnasts core strength and anterior stability!

Arch rocks

roll over from dish rocks and use those back muscles! This exercise incorporates all muscles in the posterior chain which helps to strengthen the back, gluteals, shoulders and neck!

Squat jumps

a great way to incorporate not only lower limb strength but also stability and landing techniques – which is always useful for little gymnasts!


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Blog post guest written by Danielle Swan, Physiotherapist, DorkingLeatherhead, & Crawley Clinics.

Danielle Swan