Gift Vouchers

Looking to treat a loved one? I have just released a range of Hypnotherapy Gift Vouchers for a variety of different outcomes. If you are looking for the ultimate gift to help someone change their lives forever then contact me to purchase one of the following…


Hypnotherapy Relaxation Session

Ideal for those who live life in the fast lane. A one off session that leaves you feeling relaxed, calm and rejuvenated. Packed with messages to inspire creativity and build confidence…

  • Switch off your primitive mind
  • Empty your stress bucket to meet challenges with calmness
  • Price – £60
  • Number of Sessions – 1


Hypnotherapy Treatment Session

For those looking for long term change, hypnotherapy is an effective process that uses cutting edge solution focused techniques based upon current neuro-scientific research.

  • Focuses on your potential future, not the problems of your past –
  • One of the few therapies that dares to measure results
  • An amazing array of applications (see here for details)
  • Price – £60 per session

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

One of the most effective methods of giving up. Often clients report little or no cravings.

  • One of the few therapies that deals with the root triggers
  • Long term results without the long term process
  • Most smokers are back in profit within a fortnight
  • Price £150
  • Number of Sessions – 1 x 2 hour

Phobia Hypnotherapy Course

Rid yourself of that problematic, irrational fear and move forwards with confidence. Whether you have a fear of flying, spiders or needles, results can be highly effective and long lasting.

  • High success rates and, for many, life-changing results.
  • A relaxing way to deal with a phobia without coming into contact with it
  • Price – £180
  • Number of Sessions – 4

Anxiety Reduction Hypnotherapy Course

For those who suffer with stress and anxiety, lack of confidence or self esteem then this life-changing course can overhaul your outlook and help you cope so much more calmly. Any goal is achievable with absolute positive focus.

  • Retrain your brain to approach life with clarity and calmness
  • Help dramatically reduce anxiety, anger and depression
  • Learn how to set targets and achieve them
  • Price – £450, Number of Sessions – 9

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

The ultimate weight loss program that helps change what you eat, the amount you eat and builds long term health and vitality.

  • 80% success rates (better than the actual gastric band!)
  • Sustainable weight loss minimising excess skin issues
  • An average of six times cheaper that Gastric Band Surgery
  • Course Cost – £450
  • Number of Sessions – 8


To purchase a Gift Voucher, contact Paul Milham on 07780 843817 or via his contact form here