The most important thing, is that you feel comfortable and that we can properly and thoroughly assess the problem.

In order to assess you, your Physiotherapist will need to see the affected area and associated areas. For example, if the issue is elbow pain, the Physiotherapist will likely need to see your neck, back, shoulder and arm.

Elbow pain can be referred from the neck, and many problems involving the elbow and forearm, can also be influenced by problems at the shoulder. If you feel comfortable wearing a crop top or vest top, please do.

In a similar way, many foot problems can be influenced by issues higher up the leg in the low back, hip and knee.

It is therefore, a good idea to wear shorts for lower limb problems.

If you wear orthotics in your shoes, or feel your injury is related to an item of clothing or sports equipment, for example running shoes, please bring them along as well.